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Collegiate Tartan Apparel

Founded in October 2009, Collegiate Tartan Apparel addresses the desire by students and alumni for high-quality apparel and accessories that express their school affiliation with style and sophistication.

We are introducing a centuries old fabric - the tartan - to the world of colleges and universities. A school's colors are designed into a number of tartan options from which the "official school tartan" is chosen.

The tartan so specific in the colors and pattern that it is registered with the International Tartan Registry in Edinburgh, Scotland. The tartan design is woven into fabrics appropriate for a variety of uses including apparel, accessories, decorative items and more.

By creating a unique "Authorized" and "Official" tartan fabric utilizing a schools colors, Collegiate Tartan Apparel enhances a schools branding through upscale apparel and accessories that meet the needs and interest of the students and alumni.

Since our beginning, it has been our desire to support scholarship programs at our associated colleges, universities and preparatory schools. Through your purchase, you will be helping us attain this goal. A portion of Collegiate Tartan Apparel's website sales is donated to the respective shopper's school choice via existing scholarship funds. Each individual university/school is in charge of running their marketing program for their tartan by promoting the university tartan program to alumni, faculty, students and fans.

Collegiate Tartan Apparel further seeks to serve the entire university as a whole through integrating with its educational, student and alumni programs.

In addition to the normal licensing royalties for "Officially Licensed" goods received by the school, an important aspect of our vision is the support of scholarship programs and fundraising efforts.

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